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Livingston County Moving & Storage Services and Bekins Van Lines Worldwide Relocation Services

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Livingston County moving and storage services is your move source to relocate you anywhere in the United States and Worldwide / International!

Our Livingston County movers and Bekins Worldwide International Relocation Services - Intl movers

Since 1891 Bekins Worldwide has been relocating millions of families across all continents of the North America, Europe, Asia, overseas, and abroad.

We make international moving quick and easy!

What is so special about our international van line moving services? Whether you regularly transfer out because of a corporate relocation or you are doing a one way international move, it is all about the experience our movers, team, and management has to execute the move via overseas, air, or by rail.

We provide a full service option for door to door moving service including the shipping of cars and motorcycles. Our Livingston County packing, relocation, and storage services are here for you.

Our international relocation specialists have the experience and expertise to properly load your international shipping container for the transport of your belongings overseas. We ensure the protection of your goods by paper pad wrapping each and every piece so your possessions arrive safe and sound to anywhere around the globe.

We use ships, trucks, and airplanes to get your families or office's belongings moved in a quick period of time. From shipyard, airport, or trainstation, we have the moving companies all in place to relocate you from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and / to:

AF Afghanistan
AL Albania
DZ Algeria
AS American Samoa
AD Andorra, Principality of
AO Angola
AI Anguilla
AQ Antarctica
AG Antigua and Barbuda
AR Argentina
AM Armenia
AW Aruba
AU Australia
AT Austria
AZ Azerbaijan or Azerbaidjan (Former Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic)
BS Bahamas, Commonwealth of The
BH Bahrain, Kingdom of (Former Dilmun)
BD Bangladesh (Former East Pakistan)
BB Barbados
BY Belarus (Former Belorussian [Byelorussian] Soviet Socialist Republic)
BE Belgium
BZ Belize (Former British Honduras)
BJ Benin (Former Dahomey)
BM Bermuda BT Bhutan, Kingdom of
BO Bolivia
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
BW Botswana (Former Bechuanaland)
BV Bouvet Island (Territory of Norway)
BR Brazil
IO British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT)
BN Brunei (Negara Brunei Darussalam)
BG Bulgaria
BF Burkina Faso (Former Upper Volta)
BI Burundi (Former Urundi)
KH Cambodia, Kingdom of (Former Khmer Republic, Kampuchea Republic)
CM Cameroon (Former French Cameroon)
CA Canada
CV Cape Verde
KY Cayman Islands
CF Central African Republic
TD Chad
CL Chile
CN China
CX Christmas Island
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CO Colombia
KM Comoros, Union of the
CG Congo, Republic of the (Former French Middle Congo)
CD Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Former Zaire)
CK Cook Islands (Former Harvey Islands)
CR Costa Rica
CI Cote D'Ivoire (Former Ivory Coast)
HR Croatia (Hrvatska)
CU Cuba
CY Cyprus
CZ Czech Republic
CS Czechoslovakia (Former) See CZ Czech Republic
DK Denmark
DJ Djibouti (Former French Territory of the Afars and Issas, French Somaliland)
DM Dominica
DO Dominican Republic
TP East Timor (Former Portuguese Timor)
EC Ecuador
EG Egypt (Former United Arab Republic - with Syria)
SV El Salvador
GQ Equatorial Guinea (Former Spanish Guinea)
ER Eritrea (Former Eritrea Autonomous Region in Ethiopia)
EE Estonia (Former Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic)
ET Ethiopia (Former Abyssinia, Italian East Africa)
FK Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
FO Faroe Islands
FJ Fiji
FI Finland
FR France
GF French Guiana or French Guyana
PF French Polynesia (Former French Colony of Oceania)
TF French Southern Territories and Antarctic Lands
GA Gabon (Gabonese Republic)
GM Gambia, The
GE Georgia (Former Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic)
DE Germany
GH Ghana (Former Gold Coast)
GI Gibraltar
GB Great Britain (United Kingdom)
GR Greece
GL Greenland
GD Grenada
GP Guadeloupe
GU Guam
GT Guatemala
GN Guinea (Former French Guinea)
GW Guinea-Bissau
(Former Portuguese Guinea)
GY Guyana (Former British Guiana)
HT Haiti
HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands (Territory of Australia)
VA Holy See (Vatican City State)
HN Honduras
HK Hong Kong
HU Hungary
IS Iceland
IN India
ID Indonesia (Former Netherlands East Indies; Dutch East Indies)
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of (Former Persia)
IQ Iraq
IE Ireland
IL Israel
IT Italy
JM Jamaica
JP Japan
JO Jordan (Former Transjordan)
KZ Kazakstan or Kazakhstan (Former Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic)
KE Kenya (Former British East Africa)
KI Kiribati (Pronounced keer-ree-bahss) (Former Gilbert Islands)
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North Korea)
KR Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
KW Kuwait
KG Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic) (Former Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic)
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos)
LV Latvia (Former Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic)
LB Lebanon
LS Lesotho (Former Basutoland)
LR Liberia
LY Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
LI Liechtenstein
LT Lithuania (Former Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic)
LU Luxembourg
MO Macau
MK Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
MG Madagascar (Former Malagasy Republic)
MW Malawi (Former British Central African Protectorate, Nyasaland)
MY Malaysia
MV Maldives
ML Mali (Former French Sudan and Sudanese Republic)
MT Malta
MH Marshall Islands (Former Marshall Islands District - Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands)
MQ Martinique (French)
MR Mauritania
MU Mauritius
YT Mayotte (Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte)
MX Mexico
FM Micronesia, Federated States of (Former Ponape, Truk, and Yap Districts - Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands)
MD Moldova, Republic of (Former Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova, Moldavia)
MC Monaco, Principality of
MN Mongolia (Former Outer Mongolia)
MS Montserrat
MA Morocco
MZ Mozambique (Former Portuguese East Africa)
MM Myanmar, Union of (Former Burma)
NA Namibia (Former German Southwest Africa, South-West Africa)
NR Nauru (Former Pleasant Island)
NP Nepal
NL Netherlands
AN Netherlands Antilles (Former Curacao and Dependencies)
NC New Caledonia
NZ New Zealand (Aotearoa)
NI Nicaragua
NE Niger
NG Nigeria
NU Niue (Former Savage Island)
NF Norfolk Island
MP Northern Mariana Islands (Former Mariana Islands District - Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands)
NO Norway
OM Oman, Sultanate of (Former Muscat and Oman)
PK Pakistan (Former West Pakistan)
PW Palau (Former Palau District - Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands)
PS Palestinian State (Proposed)
PA Panama
PG Papua New Guinea (Former Territory of Papua and New Guinea)
PY Paraguay
PE Peru
PH Philippines
PN Pitcairn Island
PL Poland
PT Portugal
PR Puerto Rico
QA Qatar, State of
RE Reunion (French) (Former Bourbon Island)
RO Romania
SU Russia - USSR Soviet Union (Former Russian Empire, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) Now RU - Russian Federation
RU Russian Federation
RW Rwanda (Rwandese Republic)
(Former Ruanda)
SH Saint Helena
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis (Former Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis)
LC Saint Lucia
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
WS Samoa (Former Western Samoa)
SM San Marino
ST Sao Tome and Principe
SA Saudi Arabia
SN Senegal
SC Seychelles
SL Sierra Leone
SG Singapore
SK Slovakia
SI Slovenia
SB Solomon Islands (Former British Solomon Islands)
SO Somalia (Former Somali Republic, Somali Democratic Republic)
ZA South Africa (Former Union of South Africa)
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
ES Spain
LK Sri Lanka (Former Serendib, Ceylon)
SD Sudan (Former Anglo-Egyptian Sudan)
SR Suriname (Former Netherlands Guiana, Dutch Guiana)
SJ Svalbard (Spitzbergen) and Jan Mayen Islands
SZ Swaziland, Kingdom of
SE Sweden
CH Switzerland
SY Syria (Syrian Arab Republic) (Former United Arab Republic - with Egypt)
TW Taiwan (Former Formosa)
TJ Tajikistan (Former Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic)
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of (Former United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar)
TH Thailand (Former Siam)
TG Togo (Former French Togoland)
TK Tokelau
TO Tonga, Kingdom of (Former Friendly Islands)
TT Trinidad and Tobago
TE Tromelin Island
TN Tunisia
TR Turkey
TM Turkmenistan (Former Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic)
TC Turks and Caicos Islands
TV Tuvalu (Former Ellice Islands)
UG Uganda, Republic of
UA Ukraine (Former Ukrainian National Republic, Ukrainian State, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic)
AE United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Former Trucial Oman, Trucial States)
GB United Kingdom (Great Britain / UK) (England)
US United States (North American)
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands
UY Uruguay, Oriental Republic of (Former Banda Oriental, Cisplatine Province)
UZ Uzbekistan (Former Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic)
VU Vanuatu (Former New Hebrides)
VA Vatican City State (Holy See)
VE Venezuela
VN Vietnam
VI Virgin Islands, British
VQ Virgin Islands, United States (Former Danish West Indies)
WF Wallis and Futuna Islands
EH Western Sahara (Former Spanish Sahara)
YE Yemen
YU Yugoslavia
ZR Zaire (Former Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Congo/Leopoldville, Congo/Kinshasa, Zaire) Now CD - Congo, Democratic Republic of the
ZM Zambia, Republic of (Former Northern Rhodesia)
ZW Zimbabwe, Republic of (Former Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia)

Worldwide moving services - We offer and provide city and town apartment office building high rise services for and from and to:

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Removal companies - Movers for moving - China

Find our Bekins international movers in China
Do you want to arrange your - China international moving yourself with us? Find international movers here who provide shipping, the proper logistics, shipment by air of by sea, world wide. Keep being informed about the status of your household moving in several ways. This website provides international movers that have partnerships with reputable shipping companies and airlines using up-to-the-minute equipment. Your shipment is carefully monitored to reduce transit time to the minimum.

Find Livingston County Michigan international movers for China
Do you want to arrange your China international moving yourself? Find international movers - China who provide shipping, the proper logistics, shipment by air of by sea, world wide. Keep being informed about the status of your household moving in several ways. This website provides international movers that have partnerships with reputable shipping companies and airlines using up-to-the-minute equipment. Your shipment is carefully monitored to reduce transit time to the minimum.

Did you know?

The official name of the United Kingdom (UK) is "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." The United Kingdom is twice the size of New York State and consists of England, Wales and Scotland, and six counties, part of the province of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is made up of several parts. England, Wales and Scotland, and is an island northwest of France and east of Ireland.

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not independent countries. England is the largest region of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, however, England does not have embassies in other independent countries.

Part of the British Isles are The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (predominantly Jersey and Guernsey) but are not officially part of the UK. They are categorized as Crown dependencies, each with a Chief Minister as head of government. Being possessions of the British Crown, legislations regarding the islands can only be past by the British Parliament. These Crown dependencies are not part of the European Union, and together with the United Kingdom form the British Islands. They however, have local control over housing and employment for British and non-British citizens who do not have specified connections to these dependencies.

The United Kingdom have fourteen overseas territories or colonies; the US was a former colony.

The United Kingdom is a member of the European Union (EU), however, is not part of the Economic and Monetary Union, therefore, the monetary unit in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is still the British Pound Sterling (GBP). The UK is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a founding member of NATO and the Commonwealth.

Yangon, Myanmar Burma
Alger, Algeria
Philadelphia, USA
Qingdao, China
Milano, Italy area
Pusan, South Korea
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Almadabad, India
Madrid, Spain
San Francisco, USA
Alexandria, Egypt
Washington DC, USA
Houston, USA
Dallas, USA
Guadalajara, Mexico
Chongging, China
Medellin, Colombia
Detroit, USA
Handan, China
Frankfurt, Germany
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Hanoi, Vietnam
Sydney, Australia
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Singapore, Singapore
Casablanca, Morocco
Katowice, Poland
Pune, India
Bangdung, Indonesia
Monterrey, Mexico
Montreal, Canada
Nagoya, Japan
Nanjing, China
Abidjan, Côte d Ivoire
Xian, China
Berlin, Germany
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Recife, Brazil
Dusseldorf, Germany
Ankara, Turkey
Melbourne, Australia
Salvador, Brazil
Dalian, China
Caracas, Venezuela
Adis Abeba, Ethiopia
Athina, Greece
Cape Town, South Africa
Koln, Germany
Maputo, Mozambique
Napoli, Italy
Fortaleza, Brazil

Tokyo, Japan
Mexico City, Mexico
Mumbai, India
Sáo Paulo, Brazil
New York City, USA
Shanghai, China
Lagos, Nigeria
Los Angeles, USA
Calcutta, India
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seóul, South Korea
Beijing, China
Karachi, Pakistan
Delhi, India
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Manila, Philippines
Cairo, Egypt
Õsaka, Osaka, Japan
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tianjin, China
Jakarta, Indonesia
Paris, France
Istanbul, Turkey
Moscow, Russian Fed
London, United Kingdom
Lima, Peru
Tehrãn, Iran
Bangkok, Thailand
Chicago, USA
Bogota, Colombia
Hyderabad, India
Chennai, India
Essen, Germany
Hangzhou, China
Hong Kong, China
Lahore, Pakistan
Shenyang, China
Changchun, China
Bangalore, India area

Harbin, China
Chengdu, China
Santiago, Chile
Guangzhou, China
St Petersburg, Russia
Kinshasa, DRC
Baghdad, Iraq
Jinan, China
Wuhan, China
Toronto, Canada

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Please be sure to check out our packing boxes store for all of your moving supply needs! We supply only high quality boxes and packing materials to ensure the safety of your belongings. If you need to pack it, we have what you need to do it right! EZ Box Store

(Livingston County Packing Services Quick Link)

*(some conditions do apply for this service. Please call office for details)

So you are ready to move in the eastern u.s. and you are in need of using our moving services? If so, we offer and provide the same relocation services as any van line agent. Our customer satisfaction rate is much more superior than any agents or haulers in the Livingston County Michigan area. We also provide temporary storage for anyone in transit! Professional home movers is what we are. Our eastern national moving services are above average than any vanline. Please look to your atlas to find out our service areas.

Please check us out anywhere in these cities below for your relocation.

Macomb County, MI
Bruce Township
Bruce Twp
Center Line
Clinton Township
Clinton Twp
Harrison Township
Harrison Twp
Lenox Township
Lenox Twp
Macomb Township
Macomb Twp
Mt. Mount Clemens
New Baltimore
New Haven
Ray Township
Ray Twp
Saint Clair Shores
St. Clair Shores
Selfridge ANGB
Shelby Township
Shelby Twp
Sterling Heights, Hghts
Sterling Hts
Washington Township
Washington Twp

Lapeer County, MI
Imlay City

Monroe County, MI
Luna Pier
South Rockwood

Eaton County, MI
Eaton Rapids
Grand Ledge

Self Storage Moving Labor

Weekly Moves to
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH

Michigan MI Mich

Oakland County, MI
Addison Township
Addison Twp
Auburn Hills
Beverly Hills
Bingham Farms
Bloomfield Hills
Brandon Township
Brandon Twp
Commerce Township
Commerce Twp
Farmington Hills
Hazel Park
Huntington Woods
Independence Township
Independence Twp
Keego Harbor
Lake Angelus
Lake Orion
Lathrup Village
Madison Heights
Oak Park
Oakland Township
Oakland Twp
Orchard Lake
Orion Township
Orion Twp
Pleasant Ridge
Rochester Hills
Royal Oak
South Lyon
Springfield Township
Springfield Twp
Sylvan Lake
Walled Lake
West Bloomfield
White Lake
Wolverine Lake

Ingham County, MI
East Lansing

Michigan MI Mich

Wayne County, MI
Dearborn Heights, Hghts
Dearborn Hts
Flat Rock
Garden City
Grosse Ile
Grosse Pointe
Grosse Pointe Farms
Grosse Pointe Park
Grosse Pointe Shores
Grosse Pointe Woods
Harper Woods
Lincoln Park
Sumpter Township
Sumpter Twp
Van Buren Township
Van Buren Twp

Livingston County, MI
Hamburg Township
Hamburg Twp
Unadilla Township
Unadilla Twp

Shiawassee County, MI

College University, MI
Central Michigan
Michigan State
Oakland University
University of Michigan
Western Michigan
Michigan Tech University
Ferris State
Wayne State

Michigan MI Mich

St.Clair County, MI
China Township
China Twp
Columbus Township
Columbus Twp
East China Township
East China Twp
Fair Haven
Ira Township
Ira Twp
Marine City
Port Huron
Saint Clair
St Clair

Washtenaw County, MI
Ann Arbor
Barton Hills
Lodi Township
Lodi Twp
Salem Township
Salem Twp
Scio Township
Scio Twp
Superior Township
Superior Twp
Whitmore Lake

Genesee County, MI
Grand Blanc

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